My name is Rovshan Rustamov. I specialize in RFIC and Mixed-Signal IC design. My main interests are design of RF and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, such as LNAs, VCOs, PLLs, Mixers, Active and Passive Filters, Analog Integrated Circuits such as Operational and Transconductance Amplifiers and High-Speed Digital Integrated Circuits for Signal Processing purposes.

I also like to do complex and moderate board and system level designs. I build boards like frequency synthesizers, programmable attenuators, microwave filters, amplifiers, ADC/DAC boards using commercial off-the-shelf components on different multilayer PCB technologies. I am very interested in High-Speed sampling and Digital Signal Processing systems employing commercial and custom made boards with FPGAs and ARM based DSP chips. I constantly write HDL for FPGA devices and design high level software, including the PC side application software for hardware interface.

I like big and complex projects, I like challenging technical problems, I learn and research something new almost every day, I take pride in my work. Most of the boards and modules you see on this website I designed, developed and assembled myself. Information on this website might be interesting for those who are into RF/Mixed-Signal, High-Speed Digital or system level design. New information is constantly added.

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